Meet The Blind Taco: Hay viene el Taco Ciego!

(Here comes the Blind Taco!)

Que? (what?) Tacos sin luz! or (The blind united with Tacos unlighted!)
Donde? (Where?) En ingles-Maria's Taco Xpress!
Cuando? (When) June 3, 2013; 6-9:00 pm
Porque? (Why?) Ciegos Austinites (Blind Austinites) at and
Cuanto? (Cost?)$32 per Ticket; at Maria's Taco Xpress

El Taco Ciego is a blindness awareness experience that includes a delicious meal with live entertainment, all in total darkness.

We are bringing a new concept to "see" food. Maria invites all hers and your friends to experience her tasteful treats with the lights off. Meet, greet, and eat with the blind of our town! Become aware of their treasures, thoughts, and triumphs. Support the disabled community by contributing to programs that include mentoring, vocational enrichment, and adaptive sports and recreation. In addition to a tasty meal, and great conversation with your fellow blind community, el Taco Ciego proudly presents: Live entertainment!

El Taco Ciego will bring on the jams, give everyone a chance to have a good laugh. Don't look now, hay viene (here comes) el Taco Ciego!

There will be live entertainment for the show! Come have: an awesome Tex-Mex meal for the night, change what it means to be blind, and have a great time!

If you have any questions, please call Richie at 512-784-1878, or Mariano at 512-228-4868.

The point of the matter is: whether you can see, or cannot see, we all need to eat tacos!


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